Manager Questionnaire

Manager Questionnaire

Manager Questionnaire

* Full Name

* Dazzle Up Location

* 1. What are three traits or areas where your manager exceeds?

* 2. What areas could your manager work on that would help better the store overall?

* 3. How well does the store work together as a team? Explain.

* 4. When it comes to customer service, how would you rate your store on a scale of 1-10? Any areas that need improvement? Or certain areas that you excel in?

* 5. Tell me about the type of customer service your manager gives?

* 6. Has she taught you how to deal with an angry customer? What advice has she given you?

* 7. What do you appreciate most about your store manager?

* 8. Do you feel as if you were trained correctly? Having enough knowledge to problem solve even if your manager isn’t there? If not, explain why.

* 9. When issues arise in the store among employees, how does your manager go about finding a solution?

* 10. Are all employees in the store treated equally? How so?

* 11. Are all customers that enter the store treated equally? How so?

* 12. Is there anything we could do better as a company when it comes to having a stronger focus on customer service?

* 13. Do you believe customers can sense an unwelcoming vibe if there is tension in the store? How would this affect you giving the best customer service possible?

* 14. Overall, if you had to rate your manager on a scale of 1-10, what would it be & why?

* 15. Would you like to someday move up in the company?

* 16. Are you willing to relocate? How far or where.

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